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We offer a convenient, flexible service to make your life easier and ensure that your pet receives the attention and exercise they need to stay healthy and happy. The following are the services we provide.

Free Meet and Greet

Our services Here at K9 Dog Walking include a free meet and greet with you and your pooch within The Reddish, Stockport and South Manchester area. We offer this as we think it is important to build a level of trust between our walkers and clients and their dogs.

The Meet and Greet involves:

  • Agreeing a convenient time for us to come and visit you and your dog/dogs.
  • We will bring you our welcome pack Which includes all the forms, agreements, and information.
  • We will then Go through the forms and processes your walks with us at K9 Dog Walking.
  • We will discuss and answer any questions you may have.
  • We will discuss your walking preferences, any positive reinforcement-based training you have initiated, and how we can help continue reinforcing these.
  • Meet & Greet
  • We are fully insured and DBS checked.

Our main areas are in the Stockport and South Manchester locations of Reddish, the Heaton’s which include Heaton Moor, Heaton Norris Heaton Mersey, and Heaton Chapel. We also cover Didsbury and Cheadle Which include Cheadle Hulme, Cheadle Heath, Cheadle Village, However, if you are a little further out please feel free to get in touch as we may still be able to help.
We understand that as a dog owner, you may wish to know what your dog has been up to during the day whilst out with us on our walks and adventures so we will always leave a card saying what we have been upto and where we went.

We are members of the NARPSUK whose main aim is To help protect and nurture genuine, dedicated, dog-walking businesses by providing support to and a voice for the dog walking industry.
We are passionate about sticking to dog walking standards as your dogs’ welfare is our number one priority! Find out more about the dog walking association by visiting the NARPSUK website.

Dog Walking

At K9 Dog Walking Services, we understand the importance of regular exercise and mental stimulation for your furry friend. Our dedicated team of experienced dog walkers is passionate about providing the highest quality care and ensuring every walk is an enjoyable adventure for your beloved canine companion. Our professional dog walkers are trained to handle dogs of all sizes, breeds, and temperaments. They prioritize safety, utilizing secure leashes, harnesses, and proper walking techniques during every outing. Rest assured, your dog’s well-being is our top priority.

Puppy Visits

Our puppy visit service is specifically designed for young puppies who are not yet fully vaccinated and therefore unable to go on walks. We understand the importance of providing them with attention, stimulation, and potty-training support while their owners are at work or away. Here’s how our puppy visits work:

1. Upon arrival at your home, we will let your puppy outside into the garden. This is done first to allow them to eliminate any excitement pee’s before we give them any attention.

2. We will encourage your puppy to go to the toilet outside using the prompt word you typically use. After they have done their business, we will shower them with fuss, praise, treats, or play, based on what motivates your puppy. During our initial meeting, we will discuss these details with you.

3. If your puppy doesn’t go to the toilet outside, no worries! Toilet training takes time, and we understand that accidents happen. We will come back inside and check your puppy’s living area for any accidents, clean them up, ensure they have enough water, and feed them if requested. We will also spend quality time playing with your puppy and reinforcing any approved training methods you’ve been using.

4. Afterward, we will take your puppy outside once again to try for the toilet before settling them back into their living area. Our aim is to follow the same routine that you have established with your puppy, reinforcing their training and maintaining consistency.
5. Throughout the visit, we will keep you updated on your puppy’s progress with plenty of photos and an e-report card. This way, you can stay connected and informed about how your little one is doing in your absence.

Our puppy visit service ensures that your young pup receives the necessary care, attention, and potty training support during this crucial stage. You can have peace of mind knowing that your puppy is in good hands while you’re away.

Puppy Walks

Puppies’ bones are still developing therefore they should not be taken on our routine walks until they are old enough. We advise 5 minutes per week of your puppy’s age. We measure our puppy walks on time not distance.

The outside world is an exciting place for puppies, they are experiencing new sights, smells, and sounds and sometimes they will just stand still to take these in as it can also all be a bit overwhelming for a little puppy!

Our standard puppy walks consist of the following:

  • Arriving at your home and letting the puppy outside into the garden.
  • We do this first because pups often do an “excited wee” when stimulated so in a hope to avoid this we will only fuss your puppy once they are outside.
  • Doing a check of the house/puppy’s living area for any accidents.
  • Topping up the puppy’s water bowl if needed.
  • Feeding puppy if needed.
  • Putting the puppy’s collar/harness on, checking it is secure, and attaching the puppy’s lead.
  • Securely locking the client’s door.
  • Taking the puppy out for an agreed amount of time going at the puppy’s pace and letting them take in all the new sights and sounds.
  • Reinforcing any agreed training, this includes lead walking and recall.
  • Sending photos of your pup enjoying their walks.
  • Once we have got halfway through the allotted time, we turn back regardless of how far we have walked. This is to ensure we do not over-exercise your pup before their bones are fully formed.
  • Returning home and calmly settling your puppy back in their living area giving them a treat when we leave.
  • Securely locking your house when leaving.

Doggy Day Care

At K9 Dog Walking Services, we provide trusted dog walking and care services. Our experienced team ensures your furry friend receives safe, nurturing, and fun care. Services include regular walks, supervised playtime for socialization, feeding/medication administration, and regular updates. We prioritize safety and maintain a clean facility. Registration, vaccination records, and a meet-and-greet are required. Contact us for reliable and personalized care for your beloved dog at K9 Dog Walking Services. Your dog’s happiness and well-being are our top priorities!

Pet Taxi Services

Introducing Pet Taxi Care, your trusted and professional pet transportation service. We offer safe and comfortable rides for your furry friends, whether it’s to the vet, groomer, daycare, or the airport. Our experienced team ensures your pet’s well-being and provides a stress-free journey. Book with Pet Taxi Care for reliable and convenient pet transportation. Your pet’s comfort and safety are our priority!

Our process


We prioritize individual attention during our routine dog walks, ensuring your furry friend receives our undivided focus. At K9 dog walking, we provide all the necessary supplies, including eco-friendly poo bags and treats, unless specified otherwise by you.

Our goal is to support any positive training methods you have implemented, and we’ll even provide a report card to highlight your dog’s good behavior. Additionally, we offer the option to upload pictures from your pet’s walk on WhatsApp, or our social media page(with permission) upon request.

We acknowledge that some clients may prefer group walks, and we can accommodate this preference if desired. However, we limit group walks to a maximum of THREE additional dogs, considering each dog’s individual needs and characteristics.

Below, you'll find the step-by-step process of our routine walks.

1. Arrive at your designated time slot at your property.
2. Give your dog a warm greeting and affectionate attention.
3. Conduct a quick check of your dog’s space, ensuring they have ample water and addressing any accidents, if necessary.
4. Prepare your dog for the walk by attaching their harness\/collar and lead.
5. Secure the door before heading out into the local area.

6. Take your dog for an enjoyable walk, staying within the local vicinity.

7. Return your dog at the agreed-upon time, giving them a gentle wipe down with one of our towels, if needed.
8. Help settle your dog using your established commands or return them to their crate if crate trained. We can also play soothing music to create a calming atmosphere. Before our departure, we always ensure to give them a final treat.
9. Leave your house in the same condition as we found it. If any accidents occur, we promptly clean up after your pet. Finally, we securely lock the door upon departure.

"Walking, Wagging, and Wonderful
Memories Made!"

Find out how our dog walking service goes beyond just exercise, providing mental stimulation and socialization opportunities for your furry friend.

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