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We walk through wide range of areas, ensuring that your beloved furry companion gets the exercise and attention they need, no matter where you are located.

Special Areas For Dog Walks


Didsbury offers two wonderful options for dog walks:

Fletcher Moss Park: This expansive park provides numerous walking routes for you and your dogs to explore. It even offers direct access to the River Mersey, making it convenient for your dogs to take a refreshing dip on hot days. While the park’s café is not dog-friendly, you can still enjoy outdoor seating on pleasant days.

Didsbury Park: Though smaller in size compared to other parks in the area, Didsbury Park remains a fantastic place to walk your dog in South Manchester. It is well-maintained by a dedicated team of volunteers and also features a small café.
Both options provide ample opportunities for your dogs to stretch their legs and socialize with other furry friends.

The Common

Located between Heaton Mersey and Heaton Moor, The Common is an excellent choice for dog walking. This area offers a diverse landscape, including woodlands, ponds, open spaces, and meadows, providing an engaging and enjoyable experience for your furry friend. In addition, you can expect a lively atmosphere with plenty of other dogs for your canine companion to interact and play with.
Heaton Mersey Common holds the classification of a local nature reserve and is owned by Stockport Council. Towards the northern section of the Common, you will find a spacious recreational area that further enhances the overall walking experience.


Mersey Vale Nature Park, located off the River Mersey, is a fantastic option for dog walking. Accessible from Craig Road, just past the Heaton Mersey Bowl, this nature park offers a variety of paths and trails, allowing for walks of various lengths and distances. The long, straight paths make it ideal for off-lead training, providing clear visibility to anticipate any distractions ahead.
Aside from enjoying the walk itself, you can also appreciate the abundant wildlife that inhabits the park. There are plenty of rest stops and spots to take a break or have a picnic.


Another option from Heaton Mersey is to walk your dog along the River Mersey towards Stockport Town Centre or in the opposite direction towards Didsbury & Chorlton. This route is particularly delightful during the summer, as there are opportunities for your dog to cool down in the river and beach-like areas where they can play.

Other Areas Where We Do Dog Walking

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Find out how our dog walking service goes beyond just exercise, providing mental stimulation and socialization opportunities for your furry friend.

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